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Why surprises are important
in our relationships

Any long term relationships need surprises to keep the passion, momentum and spark going. Business relationships too need to cultivate and nurture. Variety is the spice of life. Without variety there are no surprises to look forward to.

Why We Need Surprises

Small acts of kindness and displays are a form of respect. It promotes positive feelings in a relationship. They are affection that are positively associated with pleasure. These “feel-good” pleasure are hormones also known as Dopamine.

Notice how unexpected gifts can bring you more joy and pleasure than buying it yourself? Delightful surprises activate the pleasure centers in our brain and makes the whole experience pleasurable.

Surprises bring variety to life and add sparks to our relationships which communicate our love and respect. Many of us in long term relationships have forgotten that we need such enjoyable and gratifying pleasures.

Variety is the spice of life.

Surprise your love ones
for no reason at all

Giving your partner a surprise can lead to greater intimacy and emotional contentment. The unexpected always feel good.


Intimacy contentment

Giving your partner a surprise can lead to greater intimacy and emotional connection and contentment.

surprises can improve relationship

Improve relationships

Rekindle the lost spark and greatly improves your romantic and business relationships

Variety is the spice

Surprise, mystery, and anticipation can boost our dopamine levels and which triggers attraction and excitement

Surprise is a need for novelty

Need for novelty

Surprise feeds our novelty bias. We love new and refreshing experiences. That's why we love surprises.

Increased arousal

Surprise demands our attention and brings us back to focus at current moment in time.

Surprise improves mental health

Improves mental health

Surprises improve our mental health and emotional well-being, reduces depression and tension.

Create Surprises

When we are being deprived of surprises, life becomes bored and monotonous.

In sports we hardly expect the underdogs to win the match. But when the underdogs beat the odds and win unexpectedly, thousands of spectators simultaneously experience a huge surge of wildly uncontrolled emotions. People really enjoy the hysterical wild celebrations.

We are addicted to the joy of unexpected surprise experiences and people keeps coming back for more.

Experience the fullness of joy and pleasure when you least expect it

Surprise Him Surprise Her

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