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We try our best to answer your questions and resolve your issue within 3 -5 working days. Rest assured we read every incoming support emails and issues that you may have. We thank you for your patience.

Poppinspree Pte Ltd

68 Circular Road #02-01
Singapore 049422

+65 87533507

Available Monday to Friday from 1000 to 2000 Hrs.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We offer a minimum 7-days full refund policy. Please read our Returns & Refund Policy before contacting us.

Please note that providing detailed and accurate information at the outset will facilitate efficient processing of your request. That information must include the recipient name, contact number, and physical shipping address of the recipient. 

You are encourage to notify and give pre-emptive call to your recipient to expect a ‘Surprise visit’ from our delivery courier service provider.

Yes we do allow listings of adult products. We encourage products that promote family planning and contraception, sexual pleasure or enhancement.

For Merchants & Vendors

Yes we require you to be a legal business entity in order to validate your Merchant account. You may register as a Sole proprietor 

It is FREE to sign up. There are no account fees, no subscription fees, no administrative fees to pay. We only take a cut of the sales transaction which we facilitate.

Your funds will be transferred to your bank account based on your merchant account terms if there are no disputes or chargebacks from the customer. Maintain your Merchant account up-to-date and in good standing is the best way to prevent potential payment delays.

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